Buschmann Sorge

1900 - 1920

Eduard will be remembered in history for being the brilliant mind behind the Terpodium–an instrument similar to the piano. His invention took him on travels around the world, getting to play for Kings and Emperors and easily jumping from one place to another. It is said that his singing allowed people to connect and that he was a truly empathetic person. However, readings about him also illustrate him as a naive entrepreneur–someone who was easily taken advantage of. Apparently, he was frequently scammed by people who did not value his sensitivity and kindness and used it against him.

“I believe we are a product of all those people who came before us, as if many beings dwell within us and would like us to hear their voices. As someone’s descendant we answer the call. The transgenerational group is integrated within the individual. The essence is always there.”

The Piece

The original

Dorothea original piece

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Christian Fuchs as Dorothea

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Dorothea original piece Christian Fuchs as Dorothea

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