Schilling Rohde

1930 - 1940

Carl arrived in Osorno, Chile from Germany as a true pioneer. Back home, he had studied Business but did not believe in it and wished to find another kind of life in another side of the world. Without really knowing what was going to happen, Carl trusted his gut and took a stand to use German culture to create a community in Osorno back when it only had 4000 inhabitants, miles and miles of woods and what was a very primitive reality. A risky and yet courageous move gave him the respect of the Osorno community.

“I am obsessed with the past, I later realized. For many, genealogy only means a certain collection of names and dates. For me, genealogy is also a vehicle. It means that the relatives that lived before you are also able to live through you.”

The Piece

The original

Dorothea original piece

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Christian Fuchs as Dorothea

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Dorothea original piece Christian Fuchs as Dorothea

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